Monday, August 3, 2009

Let's dump the pile

Just Some more fun drawings at work.

She asked for a Nightmare before Christmas theme, because it was either that or a Twilight theme (dodged the bullet there).

Playin' da geetar. Looking at it now I wish I had gone for long instead of wide.

I think I took this one just to make myself feel better about doing nothing but crap the entire day.

I really loved how the faces turned out on this one, sucks that it was at the ass end of a night shift and I couldn't get a good snapshot of anything.

This kid was so freaking hyperactive, I could have messed his face up even more and he wouldn't have cared otherwise.

I think the family will get the joke I made about the scowl this kid made while I was drawing him... eventually (hint: it has something to do with Shamu's missing fin that no one questioned).

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  1. FIrst post? AWESOME Matt, now we gotta get you on BEASTHEADS!