Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Silver Lining in a Crappy Week

This week hasn't treated me well. My sales were down the pooper and I had gotten a lot of naggy mothers that have too high of an opinion about what their children look like. But even with a pile of crap chin high, there's always a small gleaming gem stuck inside.

After three straight days of dealing with nothing but crappy customers, I get this wonderful family who wanted to get all four kids drawn. The lone boy went first and after seeing what I did to him, every last one eagerly jumped in the chair, waited patiently while I drew them then scrambled back around once I told each one of them they were done. I'm just a little bummed I couldn't get all four of them together for a snapshot of the real people.

This one has a funny story to it. I had been trying to reel this guy into sitting down for a drawing. While he was looking back at the other artist who was drawing his brother. In that time two little asian girls scrambled in front of me basically demanding that I do a drawing for them. While I sat down and got ready to draw her, she gave this seriously hard vibe that screamed out 'I am going to reject your style no matter what you try.' So I decided to play it safe and do a 'flatter-cature' to get it over with as quickly as possible. After tearing it off and showing it to her, nothing. She pays then leaves. Lucky for me this guy was still waiting and wants to get drawn. With the last drawing leaving a bad taste in my mouth, I decided to just have fun and let loose with his drawing. While I'm starting up the drawing *surprise* the girl comes back saying she doesn't like the drawing. So while the other artist handled the redraw, I continue with this drawing. Both of us finished roughly at the same time, and what happens? Prissy self-conscious asian girl was just as unsatisfied with her second drawing and this guy absolutely LOVES his drawing. I think that if I hadn't drawn that girl first, this one would have been a blandly generic one instead. Weird how things like that work out.

This one doesn't have a funny story to it, but the girl was definitely not prepared for what her face would look like even after seeing what I did to her significant other's face.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Let's dump the pile

Just Some more fun drawings at work.

She asked for a Nightmare before Christmas theme, because it was either that or a Twilight theme (dodged the bullet there).

Playin' da geetar. Looking at it now I wish I had gone for long instead of wide.

I think I took this one just to make myself feel better about doing nothing but crap the entire day.

I really loved how the faces turned out on this one, sucks that it was at the ass end of a night shift and I couldn't get a good snapshot of anything.

This kid was so freaking hyperactive, I could have messed his face up even more and he wouldn't have cared otherwise.

I think the family will get the joke I made about the scowl this kid made while I was drawing him... eventually (hint: it has something to do with Shamu's missing fin that no one questioned).

Friday, July 17, 2009

Beast Head in Training pt. 2

The beasting continues...

He couldn't make up his mind on whether he wanted to be a muscle man or be riding a dolphin, so I did both.

The guy did not like the fact that I was practically macking on his girl the entire time.

She gets the title of awesome customer of the day because she was the only person that actually asked to have her face jacked.

Woo, crappy cell phone pictures. This one was funny because I really couldn't think of anything funny for the mom, but then half way through she says 'Honey move your head, your hair is getting in my nose' and the last pieces of the puzzle fell right in.

Aaron Zackarizzle. The only thing he asked for was the KFC bucket, I abused my leniency and went overboard. I thought I'd have some angry customer get on my case about it, but one lunch break, several hustle attempts and one crowd for the Pets Rule show later, it was still standing.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Beast Head in Training

Because I cave into peer pressure so easily, I decided to join the other caricature artists at Sea World and start taking pictures of drawings that i liked.

This week hasn't been good to me for money, so I decided to say 'the hell with it' and just let loose and have fun with my drawings.

This girl was with her grandpa and he was harassing her the entire time. She was a good sport about it in the end though.

This one has to be my favorite, I honestly thought this one was going to be a reject. His sister (the one from above, I did her second) was laughing at it the entire time and he was kind of sulking in his chair, and his mother was watching me and said to me "What did you do to my son?" But in the end they took it. The funny thing was that he was sulking about it while I was setting up his sister, but then shut up about it immediately after I drew in the smile.

Plus today was Harry Potter demo day, to celebrate that movie that recently came out... y'know I Love You Beth Cooper.